How football players invest their millions in Barcelona

The argentine Leo Messi has a firm commitment to the real estate market since they debuted in the world of business. On the sidelines of the company Jendil Di, which deals with the exploitation of their countless advertising contracts and image rights, with the help of a real estate attorney he has invested a lot of money in the construction, both in Spain as well as in your Rosario natal.

Your company Limecu 2010 SA is dedicated to the purchase, lease and sale of land and housing. He started in the subject with a capital of just 3,000 euros, but gradually has been growing and the experience gained has allowed him to make the jump to Argentina. In their day invested in the exclusive torre Aqualina, an impressive building of 125 metres in height and 40 floors of apartments –various are of your property– located in the centre of Rosario and was inaugurated in the year 2009.

Messi is a great businessman too

Messi has also invested in a residential complex Azahares del Paraná, in Fighiera, on the banks of the Paraná river. This is an exclusive development of 80 hectares that is currently under construction, although it is anticipated that the first homes will start to be delivered throughout this year.


The exclusive villas are located on plots of 650 to 1,200 square feet, feature a privileged environment, surrounded by nature. It is expected that the complex count also with a marina with berths for sixty boats, tennis courts, multi sport courts, swimming pool, spa, several football fields large and small. The estate is valued at 20 million euros in total.

The greater part of their income outside of football come from the agreements that it has signed with various sponsors, which will ensure almost twenty million euros annually. Its main sponsors are the German multinational Adidas, which is his main banner in the world of football, as well as Pepsi, Gillette, Electronic Arts, Turkish Airlines Scalp-D, and Samsung. It is also the image of a brand of wine, Leo, which produces a winery in argentina after reaching an agreement with its Foundation.

Pique invests in video games and burgers

The Catalan Gerard Pique is without doubt the most daring, at the time of investing their heritage, because you bet so much by new technologies as by the food. The central defender founded in November 2011 a company of online video games, Kerad Games, in which it has already invested nearly two million euros, which confirms their involvement.


Pique also acquired in his day a share of 27 per cent in a Catalan meat company, Bas Can be located in the Vall d’en Bas and they are dedicated to the production and marketing of burgers made with beef without additives under the brand Natrus, which are sold through the networks of Caprabo and Carrefour.

Kerad Games, for its part, employs thirty people and has developed and marketed its first game, Golden Manager, a simulator in which the goal is to create and manage a football club. The company is located in Sant Joan Despí and in its first two years of operation it has logged in at around 400.00 euros in total. Pique is the majority shareholder –has about 80% of the share capital– and are also involved in the company to some family and friends. In its day, the blaugrana also created a real estate company and a SICAV.

Iniesta and his wine cellar

Andres Iniesta is a very busy man also in a matter of business. The girl of your eyes is the wine Cellar that was installed in his hometown of Fuentealbilla, continuing the idea driven by his father in the nineties, after acquiring a plot of land of ten hectares, and the planting of vineyards. The project was growing, thanks to the efforts of the blaugrana, and has grown into a business that employs about twenty people, occupies 120 hectares and produces wine Bodegas Iniesta since 2010.

With native varieties and international, Iniesta boasts of being a producer of wine very connected to their land. Not happy with this bet, in 2013, expanded the business and opted to produce oil.


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