Will Messi renew with FC Barcelona?

The FC Barcelona had marked the month of April in red on the calendar to close the renewal with Messi, but we are in June and the player’s father and the president barca have been in talks and there is no progress for the moment. The issue is extending more than what the club wanted and, despite public messages from the directive, the technical secretary, Robert Fernandez, and the companions of the argentine, convinced that Messi will continue, for now… water.

The Catalan club will have to spin very fine, if you don’t want to be found with the cataclysm which would mean that your maximum star does not continue. Nobody now wants to even imagine that Messi leaves, but there are reasons for concern start to slip through the offices of the Camp Nou because they already believed that it would be resolved and it is not so.

Problems with taxes may influence his decision

The problems of Messi with the Spanish tax department are the key. Barca came to pay 56 million in 2014 after making the three supplementary statements corresponding to the periods 2010, 2011 and 2012, in addition to the declaration of 2013 and the penalty, and was sentenced last July by the court of Barcelona, to 21 months in prison for three crimes prosecutors, like its progenitor, with a fine for the both of 2.093.000 euros. The player feels unjustly persecuted and, despite the efforts of Barca to show your absolute support —remember that was promoted from the club’s even a hashtag on the social networks #TodosSomosMessi— feels he could have done more. That at least is what slides his environment, because he doesn’t say a peep for months and in his last public appearance, in an act of promotion in the past month of November, the journalists were unable to ask.

The board that presides Josep Maria Bartomeu knows that he can’t afford to lose the watchword of the team, but the negotiations are becoming more difficult than they had anticipated and are in the position of having to yield in everything you ask the father of the player if they want to renew.

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